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    To familiarize ourselves with your products, we need some technical details. Please send us literatures, brochures, or leaflets dealing with your products.
    We are also enclosing a catalog showing a brand new addition to our line Model E331
    我们希望附寄的小册子对您有所帮助。We hope the enclose brochure will be helpful to you.
    We send you a brochure on the various kinds of bicycle now available for export.
    Will you please let us have a list of items that are imported by you?
    请寄我一份台式计算机的目录本和价目,或者任何说明小册子,以便本公司发给潜在顾客:Will you please send us a copy of you catalogue and pricelist desktop computers and copies of any descriptive leaflets that I could pass to prospective customers?
    Many thanks for your letter dated September 6; we have enclosed the current brochure from which you may have a better understanding of our new products.
    Thanks for you enquiry dated May 18, we are now sending you our latest pricelist for reference.
    我方报价如有变更不另通知:Our quotation is subject to change without notice.
    There is a big demand for Chinese microwave ovens. We shall appreciate your quoting us competitive prices for models available now.
    We have an enquiry for silicon carbide and would like to ask to send us an offer for 1000 metric tons for shipment during September.
    Because of the rapid development of our business in Asia, we think its necessary open branches at following addresses.
    祝贺你们亚特兰大市公司开张!我们希望它成为今后我们多年紧密合作的契机:Congratulation on your newly-opened business in Atlanta, we hope it will mark the beginning of close cooperation in the years to come.
    In the course of our negotiations we have come to much better understanding of each other, which bears a lot for our future business.
    It’s will our sincere wish that we will have the privilege of serving you soon.
    It will be advantageous it steps are taken to resume our business relationship on the basis of mutual benefit.
    我们对你们的合作态度非常满意:Thank you for your manner of business cooperation.
    这笔交易的达成当然不是结束,它仅仅是个开端,一个我们之间长期友好业务关系的开端:The conclusion of the deal is certainly not the ending. It is only the beginning and a good one, of the long and friendly business relations between us.
    市场萧条导致贸易停滞:The depressed market results in the stagnation of trade.
    The company you enquired about has proved their competitive ability and has a fine credit reputation.
    这两种等级的货,目前需求甚殷:These two grades are very much in demand.
    If you make us an offer at competitive price we can sell a large quantity in our district.
    I’ll respond to your counter-offer by reducing our price by three dollars.
    考虑到我们长期业务关系,我们接受你们的还盘:It is in view of our long-standing business relationship that we accept your counter offer.
    It will be appreciated if you will immediately let us have your firm offer for machine tools.
    我的报价是以合理利润率为依据:May offer was based on reasonable profit margin
    现在我们希望你们对我方报盘予以答复:Now we look forward to your replying to our offer.
    If you are interested in dealing with us in other products, please inform us of your requirement.
    If you are not interested in any of these samples, let us know. We will be pleased to send you others which might better suit your market.
    如果您认识某人对我们的产品感兴趣的,请告诉我们。我们将乐于以公道的价格寄去样品:If you know anybody who might be interested in our products, please let us know. We will be please to send samples with the best prices.
    不少贸易商表示对投资也有兴趣:Many trades should their interest in investment.
    This offer is based in an expanding market and is competitive.
    This offer is subject to your reply reaching here before the end of this month.
    We are pleased to advise you that we are able to offer a special designing plan for the modification of your new order.
    We can’t accept your offer unless the price is reduced by 5%.
    We offer firm 300 metric tons foundry coke at 350$, per metric ton CIF European Main Ports for November shipment.
    We make a counter-offer to you of $150 per metric ton FOB London.
    我们已按你方要求将报盘延期:We have extended the offer as per as your request.
    We make you a firm offer subject to your acceptance reaching us no than 12 p.m, September 30, Beijing time because the fluctuation of the currency exchange rates calls for our great care is fixing price.
    我们与James Dickinson &co. 交往多年,承蒙他推荐贵公司给我们,对于贵公司所制索引卡盒和整理档案之设备,非常感兴趣。若蒙贵公司惠寄一份目录和最新价目录,将甚感荣幸:Your firm has been recommended to me by James Dickinson &co. of Bath, with whom we have done business for many years. We are interested in your card-index boxes and filing equipment for use in our offices and shall be glad if you will send us a copy of your catalogue and current pricelist.
    :Enclosed are three copies of our catalog, from which we hope you will find your preferences.
    现随函附上我方销货合同HN768号一式两份,请查收,如审查无误,请会签后退回一份:Enclosed is our Sales Contract NO.HN768 in duplicated, if you find everything in order, please sign and return one copy.
    Trough lengthy and on-and-off negotiations we now finally have reached an agreement.
    We sell goods according to the sales sample, not the quality of any previous supplies.
    I don’t think that be a problem. The production department will come up with something.
    If you can supply goods of the type and quality required, we may place regular orders for large quantities
    If you can supply a price lower than US 2500$ per bag, at which are buying from another manufacturer, we can place an order for 4000 bag.
    It would be quite helpful if you could supply us your newly developed heavy weight sponge.
    Please accept our apology for the delay in replying to your letter of June 8th. It took us a month to collect the data necessary to answer your questions.
    Business is possible if you can lower the price HK $2150.
    I don’t think I can cut our price to that extent you required. Shall I suggest that we meet each other half way?
    你们能否把价格提高5%?:Is it possible for you to raise (lift) the price by 5%?
    再也经不住大幅度削价了:It simply can’t stand such a big cut.
    The price was higher that we can get from other suppliers.
    Please let us know at what price per metric ton, and upon what terms of payment, you are able to deliver quantities of the best refined rock sugar.
    Moreover, we’ve kept the price close to the costs of production.
    没有别的买主的出价高于此价:No other buyers have bid higher than this price.
    Our price is a little bit higher, but the quality of our products is better.
    Our rock-bottom price is $500/mt, and cannot be further lowered.
    As quest, we are offering r 5000 metric tons of soybean subject to your reply reaching here within one week starting from today.
    本报盘以收到你方订单时,货未售出为有效:This offer is subject to prior sale.
    Thank you for your letter and quotation of March11. We are satisfied with the price and quality and are sending the following order.
    If you find our offer acceptable, please send us an email for our final confirmation.
    We shall appreciate it very much if you can make us your best offers.
    In order to start some concrete business, we are glad to make you the following special offers to our final confirmation.
    One of our customers is now interested in the Haier refrigerator made in your county. Please offer CIF London for 400 set to be delivered in April.
    We are studying your offer and hope that it will remain open till end of the month.
    It will be appreciated if you will immediately let us have your firm offer for the lathes.
    Your price is too high to interest buyer in making an counter-offer.
    If the goods are up to our customer’s exception, we shall place further orders with you.
    该订单以我们获得进口许可证为条件:The order is subject to our obtaining the import license.
    The goods intend to order are out of stock, but we recommend Art.DTP-54 as an excellent substitute.
    The can not accept any fresh orders because of heavy commitments.
    Because of your long delay in opening the relative L/C, we have to adjust our price to the level of international market.
    Our stock is running low since orders keep rushing in please place your order at once.
    We would like to place a trial order for 200 dozen to test the water.
    We are enclosing our pro-forma invoice in triplicate for your application for import.
    Because the total amount of this trial order is very small, please accept payment by C.A.D.
    We usually give large repeat orders a discount of 3%-5%.
    订货时我们已强调任何延误将无疑增加货物的成本,故此我们不能同意信用证展期:While placing our order we emphasized that any delay in delivery would definitely add to the cost of the good,. That is why we can not extend the L/C.
    As goods are badly needed, we find it necessary to stress the importance of making punctual delivery; any delay in shipment would result in our withdrawal of this order.
    Your refusal to amend the L/C is equivalent to cancellation of the order.
    I would like to requested has been replaced the purchase which is found to be improper one for my usage even though the no-return policy is applied to such an item in your store.
    The machine requested has been replaced by a new model, which can provided you with a more satisfactory service.
    If you insist on your price, we will have no way but turn to other sources for supply.
    As soon as we received your letter we sent the replacement requested by the first available vessel.
    If you can reduce your price further by 3%, we are likely to increase the market share.
    Our proposal to cut down the price by 7% is reasonable or else the buyer is entitled to return the goods and ask for compensation as stipulated in the contract.
    You would be delighted to know that there is a good prospect for these electrical appliances in Indonesia and we would like to place large orders with you if your prices are very competitive.
    The buyer suggested D/A as the terms of payment, but the seller was willing to make any exception.
    汇票已经交银行按光票托收:The draft has been handed to the bank on clean collection.
    汇票已经在纽约贴现:The draft was discount in New York.
    The equipment will be paid in installments with the commodities produces by our factory.
    The payment for your order on 300 pieces of OW-32 equipment has been overdue for 35 days.
    The sum of US$3209.00 has been remitted to your account. We trust that this settlement would enable you to ship to us the further supplies.
    This transaction is done on basis that you effect the payment covering the total valve of the goods by T/T 15 days prior to the date of shipment.
    We apologize for the underpayment of US$400.00 on the remittance on payment of the agreed commission. The mistake was due to our careless reading of US$3215.00 instead of US $3615.00.
    We have been doing quite well in our business, and we are willing to open an account with you.
    We regret we can’t accept “Cash against Document” on arrival of goods at destination.
    Our business has been hit rather hard by the recession. We would offer you better terms of payment once the market improves.
    As to terms of payment, we often require a confirmed and irrevocable letter of credit payable by draft at sight.
    We shall appreciate it very much if you can accept D/P terms.
    We will draw on you by draft at sight for the samples you bought from us, as is agreed between us.
    We shall greatly appreciated it if you can inform us his reliability, financial standing and reputation for paying bills.
    We have issued a letter of credit through Bank of China London in your favor for USD 500 000.
    For some time we have been urging you for an immediate dispatch of these goods, and unless this order is already on the way, it will arrive too late for the season, and so be of no use to us.
    Terms of payment: 100% by irrevocable and transferable letter of credit issued by a reputable bank acceptable to the buyer, allowing partial shipment, to reach the seller 45 days before shipment and remain valid 20 days after shipment for free negotiation in the seller’s country.
    As for payment, we request irrevocable letter of credit payable at sight.
    We can accept D/A at 60 days sight if you can find a reputable company to act as your guarantor.
    We thank you for your letter of the 12th June from which we note that you have established the L/C in our favor.
    We will open an irrevocable L/C in your favor right after our confirmation.
    We wish to call your attention to the validity of the L/C since there is no possibility of L/C extension.
    We’ll agree to change the terms of payment from L/C at sight to D/P at sight.
    我们在装船前1个月开立信用证:We’ll open the credit one month before shipment.
    Can you persuade your customer to arrange for one-month extension of L/C NO.TD204?
    An irrevocable L/C gives the exporter the additional protection of banker’s guarantee.
     Your order is being handled with great care. In order to ensure the requested prompt shipment, please open the covering L/C, which should reach us 15 days before the date of dispatch.
    Your refusal to amend the L/C is equivalent to cancellation of the order.
    信用证会增加我们进口的成本。A letter of credit would increase the cost of my import.
    As the goods under Contract NO. 1986 are now ready for shipment, please rush your L/C.
    For a small size order on advertised promotion, we feel it unnecessary to have a letter of credit opened since the charges resulting there from would increase our cost account.
    For payment we require 100% irrevocable by draft at sight in our favor with partial shipment allowed.
    信用证上还用写明“保兑”吗?Is the wording of “confirmed” necessary for the letter if credit?
    It’s expensive to open an L/C because we need to put a deposit in the bank.
    我们向法国出口一般适用即期信用证付款。L/C at sight is normal for our exports to France.
    Many banks in Hong Kong can open L/C and effects payment in Renminbi.
    我并不喜欢这种联运方式。I don’t like this kind of combined transportation.
    If shipment were effected from Hong Kong, we could receive the good much earlier.
    If the cargo space must be reserved, please send us the necessary application forms.
    If the goods are to be transshipped from one means of transportation to another during the course of the entire voyage, it’s called “combined transport”.
    I’m sorry to tell you what we unable to give you a definite date of shipment for the time being.
    In case of transshipment, we have to pay extra transportation charges.
    这将给我们的运输带来很多问题。It will cause a lot of problems in our transportation.
    请贵方马上安排装运这批货物。Please arrange for the immediate shipment of our order.
    Please amend L/C NO. 4045, allowing partial shipment and transshipments under advice to us..
    既然货物有可能转运,请加强适合海运的包装,以免包装不结实造成不必要的损失。Since the goods may be transshipped, please reinforce the packing to avoid unnecessary damage to the goods from poor packing.
    对今后的装运的货,请多注意。Please exercise better care with future shipments.
    请暂停装货,等待我们的指示。Please hold shipment pending our instructions.
    我想和你们谈谈卸货的问题。We’d like to discuss with you about the port of discharge.
    Since the destination is an inland city, we have to arrange multimodal combined transport by rail and sea.
    提单上应注明“运费预付”。The bill of lading should be marked “freight prepaid”.
    假如你能把原来6,7月各装运一半改为6月装运40%其余的7月装运,即期发货有望。The immediate shipment of your order can be expected if you modify your usual delivery arrangements by shipping 40% in June and the balance in July instead of two equal monthly shipments.
    There are more sailing at Shanghai, so we have chosen it as the unloading port.
    They had a discussion on the time of shipment for fireworks.
    This is a set of the shipping documents covering the consignment.
    通常海运较陆运便宜。Usually, it is cheaper to have the goods sent by sea than by railway.
    So far as I know, there are risk of pilferage or damage to the goods if they are transshipped at this port.
    In the absence of your definite instructions we will cover your goods against W.P.A. and War Risk according to usual practice.
    We note that require the covering to include War Risk. But our quotations of CIF price include WPA. So if you want to cover W.R. additional premium will be for your account.
    我公司对于你公司30日寄来的报价单中的保险事项不甚满意,你公司能否重新考虑?We are not satisfied with insurance stated in the pricelist you sent us on 30th. Can you reconsider it?
    Since the premium varies with the scope of insurance, extra premium is for buyer’s account, should additional risks be covered.
    Our Inspection Bureau will issue a Veterinary Inspection Certificate to show that the shipment is in conformity with export standards.
    The certificate will be issued by China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau or by any of its branches.
    The importers have the right to inspect the goods before delivery to the shipping line.
    The importers have the right reinspect the goods after their arrival.
    The inspection should be completed within a month after the arrival of the goods.
    他们检查了这批大米看其是否短重。They inspected the rice for any possible shortage.
    We have the best surveyor, China Import and Export Commodity Inspection Bureau.
    We’ll accept the goods only if the results from the two inspection are identical with each other.
    What if the results from the inspection and the reinspection do not coincide with other?
    复验的时限是什么时候?What’s the time limit for reinspection?
    您希望在哪里复验商品?Where do you wish to reinspect the goods?
    你可以看看这些等级的差别。You can see the different between these grades.
    You know we sell our tea according to out samples.
    你们必须出具数量和中重量证明书。You’ll issue a certificate of quantity and weight.
    你们应该向运输公司或保险公司提出索赔,因为这些货物是在运输途中那个受损的。You should lodge a claim against either the carrier or the insurance company as the goods wee damaged during transit.
    As for the shortage, I suggest you making it up in your next shipment.
    如合同所示,颜色方面的轻微差异是允许的,故此,你提出的问题依然属正常现象。As stipulated in the contract, a minor discrepancy in colors is permissible. That is why the case you brought up is still a normal phenomenon.
    但如果短重或是质量不合格怎么办?But what if there is short weight or disqualification?
    您看过我公司的短重索赔报告了吗?Have you seen the shortage claim from our company?
    I would like to request you to replace the purchase which is found to be the improper one for my usage even though the no-return policy is applied to such an item in your store.
    If your stainless steel cutter becomes damaged, just return it and we will replace it free even when the warranty is over.
    It is regrettable to see that the chemical content of Item 073 is not up to the percentage contracted.
    It would be very much appreciated if you could make an exception by sending us the repair fees in the case that the warranty for our purchase.
    此类商品一旦卖出就不能退换,我们确立这一规章是为了向顾客提供绝对上等的产品。Items like this are not to be return once they are accepted by purchasers. We have established this regulation for offering our customers the definite best quality products.
    While placing our order we emphasized that any delay in delivery would definitely add to the cost of the goods. That is why we have to raise a claim on refunds or the loss incurred.
    On going into the matter you mentioned we find that the poor performance of the engine is due to your use of wrong motor oil by mistake.
    One of our repair centers has been newly opened in your city. Will you kindly contract them for the service? The changes are not for your account.
    They are fully qualified to air opinions on the quality of this merchandise.
    对你们产品的质量我们总是很信任。We always have faith in the quality of your products.
    我们认为产品质量不适合我们的市场。We find the quality unsuitable for our market.
    We have received the goods you send us and the quality is excellent.
    We have recently adopted a new design for making the performance of the equipment more efficient.
    We hope that you’ll pay more attention to the quality of your goods in the future.
    We sincerely hope the quality are in conformity with the contract stipulations.
    Your goods are superior in quality compared with those of other manufacturers.
    If the quantity of the goods does not conform to that stipulated in the contract, the importer will reject the goods.
    数量和价格,质量一样重要是吗?Quantity matters as much as quality or price doesn’t it?
    The quantity of rice imported this year is approximately the same as that last year.
    We believe we shall be able to better satisfy our customers quantitatively.
    We would also like to know the minimum export quantities per color and per design.
    我们将增加300盒药品。We’ll increase the quantity of medicines by 300 boxes.
    We’ll try to satisfy you with the additional 10 000 tons of coal as you asked.
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